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Self Help Groups

The REDS Ranchi Self Help Groups continue their credit and savings.  The members are satisfied and united to progress for their economical development through the guidance of REDS coordinator. Regular meetings are organized with the maximum attendance; the activities records are maintained under the supervision. The women beneficiaries at different centers have formed themselves in small groups to support in their financial difficulties. 220 members have enrolled in 20 small groups. They meet periodically assisted by the SHG coordinator. They save money and take loan, when they are in need.  They are grateful to REDS Ranchi for this timely opportunity.

REDS Ranchi observes Annual Day, Sports Day and Children’s Day every year.  This creates an opportunity for the children to show their gifts and talents and to promote their cultural activities. It is a major get-together of all in REDS Ranchi. It is also a thanksgiving day to acknowledge and to celebrate achievements.

REDS Ranchi Self Help Groups