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REDS Patna

REDS PatnaTo respond to the invitation of the Archdiocese of Patna, the Marianists in Digha-Ghat, were asked to initiate an observation survey to identify the prevalence of ragpickers.   Dr. (Bro.) Edward Violett, SM., the then Chief Functionary of the Marianist Trust, had lead the team, that was assisted by Brothers S. Victor Sahayaraj SM., and Nesam Anthony, SM.  The team had submitted its report to the concerned, emphasized the facts and plights of the underprivileged children and families of the migrated Mushahar of the Mahadalit communities and suggested to expand the REDS Ranchi’s developmental activities. In September 2012, Bro. Augustus Surin, SM , now the Chief Functionary of the Marianist Trust,  asked the Marianists in Maria Nilaya, Patna, to maintain regular contacts with the ragpickers in view of establishing REDS Patna in the future and continues to provide necessary assistance, since then for the purpose.

The nearby ragpickers and their friends who live in Digha-Ghat, Nagarpar and Ramjichak areas come to the Marianist residence particularly on Saturdays for recreational activities, refreshments and other emergency needs.  The ragpickers in the other areas -Patliputra Station Road, Rajeev Nagar, Beliroad, Digha- Ashiana Road and Rajapool-Danapur Road-, are being observed to continue properly. The neighbours, youth, friends and a few members from pious associations, continue to help these visitors kindly; some had collected clothes and others provided snacks. The alumni and alumnae from the Chaminade Training Institute assisted on Saturdays; some helped to survey the area, a few took literacy and tuition classes, assisted in the campus maintenance, prepared snacks, entertained the children, decorated, sponsored for specific activities and programs; a few exited and acted like Public Relations Officers; they introduced these simple initiatives to their families, relatives and friends to share their joy. (May God reward them!)  Most Rev. William D’Souza, SJ., the Archbishop of Patna and the team,  Rev. Fr. Amalraj, the Director of Sewa Kendra, Kurji, the CJ Sisters (Sister Lidiya, and the novitiate community), the Jesuits Communities in Patna supported kindly and continue to encourage.