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Special Acknowledgement

*Honorable MLA N.A Haris who represents Shanthinagar constituency and the Principal of the Corporation Pre-university Girls College, Austin Town permitted to use the play ground.

*St John’s Medical College & Hospital  Administrations permitted their personnel to assist  in emergency at the program venue.

*The scholastics and the aspirants of the Marianists showed their creative skill to decorate the stage and assisted in the nitty-gritty of the program.

*The chairman of the Brook Field High School,  Shambangi Nagar, sent eight buses to transport the participants up and down.

*A few alumni of REDS STC and REDS Bengaluru joined with their friends.  Religious Sisters, volunteers and students collaborated in every possible way for the success of this program.

*Mr  Srinvasan, the Counselor of 16th Ward Parwathi  Nagar, Hosur sponsored transportation for the REDS play school # 11 and tailoring unit # 3.

REDS Bangalore Special Acknowledgement